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Aadi Purana Movie

Aadi Purana – Kannada movie Review

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My Rating: 3/5

A direct comedy, Aadi Purana is a new generation cinema that showcases Aaditya’s life as a bachelor in the IT industry in search of a female companion for a romantic relationship while his parents are actively in search of a bride. As the story progresses, the movie focuses on the impediments with his first sexual intercourse with his new bride, his family’s interference in his married life and his efforts to overcome the skirmishes laced with comedic moments.

The storyline follows Aaditya (Shashank K Rao), a fresh graduate and a direct recruit through campus selection working in Bangalore in his first job as an IT professional. His out of the box approach to the assigned project gets his team leader, Disha’s (Moksha Kushal) attention.

During a visit to his parent’s residence, he is caught watching porn on TV by his father. This incident hastens plans for his marriage and his parents start searching for a bride and formalise the alliance with Ramya (Ahalya Suresh), a Bharatanatyam dancer. Meanwhile, Disha acknowledges her feelings for Aaditya but stops short of a confession because of the marriage alliance.

What happens between Disha and Aaditya, and how’s his after-marriage life, is Disha successful in expressing her feeling for Aaditya are some of the reasons to head to the theater with the family.

The climax and Rangayana Raghu’s stellar performance adds luster to the movie.

With the movie team and my friends after the movie screening:



Highlights of Aadi Purana:

Direction: This is Mohan Kamakshi’s debut movie and has done a good job. The second half is really good with loads of double meaning dialogues leading to an excellent climax. Kashinath is Mohan Kamakshi’s inspiration, emulating his cinematic style throughout the movie.

Acting: Shashank k Rao has done a decent job even though this movie is his debut he has given his best. His future in the Kannada film industry is very bright as long as he focuses on improving his acting skills. Ahalya Suresh and Moksha Kushal have done justice to their characters. Rangayana Raghu is the highlight of the movie. Shaktivel’s comedy is good. All other actors have given their best.

Music –  Background score is pleasant but needs improvisation. Two songs will be remembered.

My Conclusion:

This is definitely not an ‘A’ Rated movie as certified by the censor board. It has a good message; Work towards a pleasant and happy life and don’t focus on instant gratification that can transform the same life to an unpleasant state.

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