/To END the GAME we need “Captain Marvel” – Captain Marvel Movie Review

To END the GAME we need “Captain Marvel” – Captain Marvel Movie Review

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One Word Review – Good (3.5/5)

The Details

On the occasion of international women’s day, Captain Marvel releases worldwide on March 8th. For me, the day on March 7th started with an invite to a closed-door movie screening of Captain Marvel. I had a rare opportunity to watch the movie before it’s theatrical release thanks to Star Movies Secret Screening.


The best part is that I didn’t know what movie they were screening until the lights were dimmed when the #StarMoviesSecretScreening unveiled. 

Catcalls and whistles…the movie beings…

Captain Marvel is the strongest MCU character ever or strongest Avenger in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Plot

The movie begins with Vers aka Carol Danvers(Brie Larson) a Kree warrior and Starforce member with Special abilities. She is shown with no memory of her life beyond the Kree experience but suffering nightmares from her life on earth. These memories are shown in bits and pieces. Yon-Rogg, Kree Commander and Vers’ Mentor, trains her to keep her emotions and superpowers in control. Supreme Intelligence is artificial intelligence and the supreme commander of Kree also urges her to keep her emotions in control.

Ronon the Accuser and his army fight against the Skrulls (aliens with shapeshifting capabilities). While on a mission to rescue an undercover Kree warrior, Vers is abducted by the Skrulls.  When Scrulls try to extract information from her mind, Vers escapes and crash lands to earth. 

Her presence on earth attracts the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury. Fury partners Vers to fights the Skrulls. During the next series of events the past and the mystery behind her superpower is revealed.

I was perplexed to see Ronon the Accuser, the bad guy from Guardians of Galaxy Vol 1, and Vers together.  Which finally gets revealed (no spoilers here) How does it lead to infinity war and what exactly is her superpower? Can she travel through time and Space? are the reasons to watch this movie from start to finish. 

The end Credit scene throws some light on the upcoming Avengers End Game.


I personally feel that Captain Marvel is no match to DC’s Wonder Woman. This movie is for all Marvel fans and newcomers to Marvel’s cinematic universe and for anyone wondering how the battle with Thanos in coming “Avengers – Endgame” will turn out.